One for the Search Engine Optimization Heroes

Wix are running a competition and they're challenging people to beat them at SEO (search engine optimisation for those who don't know).

They're hoping to target the keyphrase SEO HERO so I'm keen to give it a shot, and see if I can beat them at their own game.

I guess we'll find out how well I did in 4 months!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizaton (or optimisation if you're in the UK!)

It's basically a bunch of techniques that fairly uninteresting people use to get their fairly uninteresting site higher on the "SERP listingss" (Search Engine Result Page listings)

You know when you "Google something"? That's what those people are trying to predict, and in turn, deliver their content to you, based on your search term.

Is it mostly nonsense? Maybe. Probably not. Can it be "gamed" - to a degree, but Google are pretty "on it" with catching those who use underhand techniques.

Is it actually useful? For some, yes. If you're solving a problem for someone, or if you have genuinely relevant content for people, then of course.

What is a hero?

A sandwich.

Or a champion of sorts. Someone who might be a winner, someone people look up to, or someone that people believe to be righteous in some way.

Could be a superhero, could be just a nice person who's like... Just good at something.

Maybe if someone was really good at making submarine sandwiches, they could be a "hero hero".

Why use the term SEO Hero?

Why not, I guess? It can't hurt to give it a bash? It's not like it's a common phrase for people who don't know about this competition, is it?

My thoughts

We can merely speculate. Thus is the nature of SEO (and maybe heroes!)